The competition is organized in a single category as a student category.

The competition is open to the undergraduate departments of the faculties of Architecture, Engineering, Architecture and Design, Art and Design, Fine Arts and Design and to the students of other undergraduate and associate degree programs of universities related to design. Candidates who are students of master's degree programs and PhD programs can apply to the competition as students. This competition is not open to professional designers.
Candidates can participate in the competition individually or as a team. A team can consist of a maximum of 3 people. A candidate must be determined as a spokesperson in the teams and all candidates must be students. There can be absolutely no professionals in the team.
Participants are required to upload their student documents to the system at the time of application. In order for the competitors, who will graduate within the competition deadlines, to submit their applications until the deadline, the candidates must upload their student documents (Student IDs are not valid) to the system, which indicate that they are students in the Fall Semester of the 2023-2024 Academic Year. Otherwise, the application of the candidates will not be accepted.